Participant number 400 in our Polar Code Courses

Earlier this year the company successfully trained and certified participant number 400.

The great advantage with the course organized by 90North Ice Consulting; is the use of the developed transportable VR simulator. The simulator makes it possible to accommodate the course wherever the students are, and is both time- and cost efficient. The simulator contains various modules where the students can train realistic scenarios of interaction with sea ice and ice objects.

We are the main provided specialized training for personnel from the yacht- and cruise industry.    The Polar Code training requirements by IMO enters into force 1st July 2017.

The training is not only educating it is fun also. Experienced captains with wide experience from operations in the Polar waters all way from North Pole down to Antarctic ice shelf.

Competent instructors from real life experiences are giving lectures of various topics related to Arctic and Antarctica during the course.

90North Ice Consulting has continue to expand the course department with online training of as the demand for certification and training increases in line with the boost in Arctic and Antarctic expedition cruising.

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90North Ice Consulting

The company 90NIC was established and founded in 2010 in Sweden by its owners Jan and Therese Persson. With more then 27 years of experience from many different types of operations in Arctic and ice infested waters we started to develop procedures and risk assessment for different companies when operating in ice covered waters.

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