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We offer basic and advanced Polar Code courses for Officers and operators. The courses cover all training requirements in accordance to the IMO Polar Code, which became mandatory after 1 July 2018. All courses are within IMO STCW, Table A-V/4-1 for Basic and Table A-V/4-2 for Advanced.

Basic and Advanced Polar code courses

This is an STCW course approved for the requirements in the new Polar Code regulations in force from 1 July 2018.

Navigation in first year ice

This course is mainly for crews and officers heading into ice for the first time, or for anyone who wants more understanding regarding ice characteristics and manoeuvring in first year ice.

Basic E-learning

6 hour online web-based course covering basic requirements within IMO STCW, Table A-V/4-1 and SMA 2011:116.

Pre-Assessment and Polar Water Operation Manual (PWOM)

Pre-Assessment and PWOM are mandatory for Vessels in Polar waters. This manual will be stamped by class and we will help you all way until it is stamped by class.

Operation in first and second year ice

These courses are for crew that will transit in ice, work with seismic operations in ice, drilling operations, ice management or iceberg towing.



The company 90NIC was established and founded in 2010 in Sweden by its owners Jan and Therese Persson. Our 27+ years of experience comes from various types of operations in Arctic and ice infested water. Our experience has given us the opportunity to develop procedures and risk assessments for different companies when operating in ice covered waters.

Our aim is to prepare all ship crews and other personnel working in environmentally sensitive areas by tailor fitting of courses prior to operation commencement. We will work closely with our customers to meet their needs and to maintain highest level of safety and cost effectiveness.

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