90North Ice
Consulting AB

The company 90NIC was established and founded in 2010 in Sweden by its owners Jan and Therese Persson. Our 27+ years of experience comes from various types of operations in Arctic and ice infested water. Our experience has given us the opportunity to develop procedures and risk assessments for different companies when operating in ice covered waters.

Our goal is to deliver the best solutions and knowledge of safe and efficient operation in the sensitive Polar regions. We work closely with our customers to meet their needs and to maintain the highest standards of environmental impact, safety and cost effectiveness.

We will help prepare ships, crews and other personnel working in environmentally sensitive areas by tailor fitting courses prior to commencement of operation. We work closely with our customers to meet their needs and maintain the highest standards of safety and cost effectiveness. From 2016 we have had approximately 65 Polar Code Courses that are mandatory for ships heading in Polar waters.

We cooperate with Linnaeus university, CleanShip Scandinavia, Gard AS, Chalmers Lindholmen and Yacht Club de Monaco.

Why US

We have training center in Kalmar, Gothenburg Sweden, Monaco and Fort Lauderdale
We were the first training company in the world fully approved for Basic and Advanced Polar Code training, first course was in spring 2016
We use high tech simulators for exercises in navigation and manoeuvring in ice, icing, convoys, etc
If our courses don't fit Your company, tell us what You want and we'll arrange it for You
We have more than average 28 Years of experience from Polar waters
We can accommodate up to 30 participants and this will increase cost effectiveness
So far we had 638 persons participating in our courses

Our team
and cooperation people

Out there you need to know that you can trust your colleagues, because cooperation is the only way.

The solution is not always straight out of the box. With more than 200 years of combined experience we can help our clients reach the optimal solution. In the office, at home, out on any type of vessel or yacht, we continuously strive for the same goal; to support your crew or office in getting their job done. With the help of training programmes, simulators and careful planning we make sure you are prepared for complex marine operations at remote locations. Ice, icebergs, high seas and cold conditions will be a constant challenge.

It is not for everybody, for us it is daily life.

Jan Persson

CEO / Senior Marine and Ice Advisor / Polar Code Lector

Jan was born in Västervik, Sweden in 1970 and received his Masters degree 1991 and have more then 35 years of experience from many different types of operations in Arctic and ice infested waters.

Niclas Karlsson

Environmental Manager / Polar Code Lector

Niclas Karlsson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1973 and received his degree in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. He began working with ship-generated waste within the maritime sector in 2002 and from 2002 to 2011 he served as Sales Manager and later Business Development Manager at Uson Marine Group.In 2011 he established Clean Ship Scandinavia AB, which is a consulting firm focused on environmental management systems and regulatory compliance. He is knowledgeable about shipboard waste management, collection & solutions and has been involved in several studies related to food waste handling on board vessels and rigs. In 2015 Mr Karlsson received “The Foundation for Young Creative Minds within Swedish Shipping” award at the World Maritime Day in Gothenburg.

Kenneth Wahlberg

Senior Ice Advisor / Polar Code Lector

Kenneth was born 1954 in Sweden and received his Masters degree 1976.

1992-2020 Ch Officer /Captain on Swedish icebreakers
2003 Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science, Kalmar Maritime Academy.
1987-1989 National Defence College, Technical education.
1983 Military Academy, Naval Warfare Centre.
1978 Swedish Military Naval school, Mine hunting.
1977 Icebreaker Officer School, on board Swedish icebreaker Tor.
1973-1976 Swedish Naval Academy, Officers exam 1976, (Officer in the Naval reserve 2003).

Some of the latest work:
2019: NW passage Canada, scientific program in the ice field of Lancaster Sound and Barrow Strait.
2017: North of Alaska, Ice Advisor onboard Ile de Bathz during Quintillion project August — November
2016: North of Alaska, Ice Advisor onboard Ile de Seine during Quintillion project August — October

Sophie Galvagnon

Ice Advisor

Graduate of Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM), 2005-2012.

Sophie have both French and Swedish certificate for deck and engine. 2015 She recieved Icebreaker endorsement for the Swedish state icebreakers.

Sophie have been working as Master and iceadvisor for many years in Polar waters.

Navigation in polar areas, ice navigation in different type of ice and in different type of ice conditions onboard different types of ships, classic ship & company- management, leadership, responsibilities, knowledge, maneuvering & navigation as a master, ship operations in remote areas, relation with authorities is daily work for Sophie.

Sophie speak French, Swedish,English and German.

Estelle Blet

Ice Advisor

A graduate of Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM), the French Merchant Navy Officer School, Estelle Blet, born in 1976, living in South Africa, has 20 years of international experience as Captain of both mid-size sailing and motor yachts, and as Officer on merchant ships.

Having worked in many parts of the world, she has been in charge not only of the safe navigation of the vessels for which she was directly responsible, but also the development and execution of guest itineraries, organized and supervised yacht builds and refits, international logistics, official surveys and sea trials, etc…

Always looking for the most remote and pristine cruising areas, she has taken her career to the highest latitudes, like Svalbard, Greenland, and Antarctica. She can lead expeditions, as well as advise you on preparation and navigation.