Polar Water Operation Manual (PWOM)

PWOM are mandatory for Vessels in Polar waters, this manual will be stamped by class and we will help you all way until it is stamped by class


Mandatory for Vessels and Yachts in Polar waters. The Pre-Assessment covering requirements within IMO for flagstat and class to be able to recieve the PWOM (Polar Water Operation Manual) and the Polar certificate for your vessel/yacht

Weather and Ice Forecast

We set up daily forecast and ice information for your voyage or operation close to or in ice World Wide. We do custom made ice images for your operation or cruise daily

Ice Advisor

We have Ice advisors for your Operation or Voyage in and around all Polar Waters. Iceadvisors can be in the crew as Captain, Chief Officer, or 2:nd Officer or as guides onboard. All are Master Mariners and have Polar Code Advanced STCW CoP. Most importantly, they work with you to give you and your crew the confidence to take your yacht/vessel where others don’t venture


We assist and arrange all type of Ice Management for transit in ice, seismic operations, drilling operations and iceberg towing. We have solid experience in producing all kind of project documentation to ensure safe and cost effective operations such as Ice management plans, Ice Defense Operational Manuals, Check lists and Risk Assessments

Route planning and Point Of Interest

We prepare a list with point of interest. The list is about what you can see and the best route to it. We can also assist with local guides for the best experiences on location.
We can design itineraries for both simple and highly complex voyages. Our deep knowledge of the world’s most pristine areas, our broad network of local contacts, and our extensive background World Wide enables us to design voyages that give you the highlights of any region in Polar Waters

Commercial and Market Intelligence Services

● Consultancy/Brokerage services on Commercial contracts ● Market Intelligence and Market Screening service ● Advisory Services ● Marine Insurance Consultancy Services ● External Legal Advice (dedicated Shipping Lawyers)

Crewing and Technical Supervision

● Yard Supervision Team (Newbuild & retrofit) ● Polar Code trained Officers ● Crew for Ice Trials

Agency Services

● Nomination & follow up of Port Agents ● Oil and Bunker services worldwide ● Chartering of support vessels ● Crew Change assistance in remote areas ● Procurement / Sourcing ● Vendor Evaluation ● Equipment Transportation & Logistics ● Support Services