Compilation of 2020 polar code course evaluations

After compiling the evaluation forms for the courses for the year 2020 from all participants, we can see that 98% are very satisfied and the last 2% are satisfied. We have not received any who have been dissatisfied and this makes us happy and proud of our courses and lecturers. Here are some lines from our participants, total it is 9 questions and this is only few.


“Presentations have been informative and subjective”


  • Very much so
  • Very informative
  • Yes,very good
  • Lots of real life experience


“Course literature is relevant and easy to understand”


  • All literature up to date and slides excellent
  • very relative and great understanding
  • very good


“The instructors have relevant competence”


  • Incredible knowledge
  • Very professional with relevant experience
  • Years of experience, good examples from the real world


“Your Overall impression of the course”


  • course was above my expectation, will definity recommend to colleagues
  • Very very good, well organized and well presented, well spend days.
  • No problem at all to do this on my free time home
  • Exellent all the time


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