90North Ice Consulting AB

The company 90NIC was established and founded in 2010 in Sweden by its owners Jan and Therese Persson. With more then 25 years of experience from many different types of operations in Arctic and ice infested waters we started to develop procedures and risk assessment for different companies when operating in ice covered waters. At same time we started courses for ice breaker officers in the Baltic Sea. One year later this course developed into various courses for shipping companies, oil companies and seismic operations in Arctic waters.

Our aim is to prepare all ship crews and other personnel working in environmentally sensitive areas by tailor fitting of courses prior to operation commencement. We will work closely with our customers to meet their needs and to maintain highest level of safety and cost effectiveness.

From 2016 we have had approx 125 Polar Code Courses that is mandatory for ship heading in Polar waters, this course is STCW courses.

We cooperate with Linnaeus university, Viking Ice Consultancy, CleanShip Scandinavia, Gard AS, Chalmers Lindholmen and Yacht Club de Monaco.

Why us

So far we had 593 persons participating in our courses.

We use high tech simulators for exercises in navigation and manoeuvring in ice, icing, convoys, etc.

We can accommodate up to 30 participants and this will increase cost effectiveness .

If our courses don't fit Your company, tell us what You want and we'll arrange it for You.

We have more then 25 Years of experience from Polar waters.

We were the first training company in the world fully approved for Basic and Advanced Polar Code training, first course was in spring 2016.

We have training center in Kalmar, Gothenburg Sweden and in Monaco.